Description of T-DART Exercise 10/26/2019

The Exercise:
Plans are well under way for the first Bay Area DART exercise on October 26. It will use the same Catastrophic Earthquake Scenario that the Bay Area UASI (Urban Area Security Initiative) is using for its Critical Transportation Building Project: the scenario describes a 7.9 quake centered on the Golden Gate Bridge that causes widespread damage from Monterey to well north of San Francisco. There would be substantial damage to roadways, bridges, overpasses and tunnels, which would make the regional freeway system largely unusable. Limited routes would accessible deep into the disaster zone, buildings and homes would collapse, and 1.8 million households would lose running water; 500,000 households would be without electricity, 5 million people would need bottled water or another potable water source, 300,000 people would need shelter, and 330,000 would require evacuation.

Despite Federal and state response, much additional assistance would be necessary. DART Operators would work with local communities to see which transportation needs were not being filled by state and federal responders: evacuation, family reunification, airline transport, emergency medical air transportation of last resort, local emergency air commute, out-of-region disaster worker airlift, food airlift, supply airlift, and situational assessment.

T-DART Role:
Along with six northern California DART operators, T-DART will participate in this exercise by simulating the collection of local support and supplies at Torrance Airport and the transport of those item to Northern California DART operators. There will be some missions to local airports (less than 100 nmi) and some missions to northern California.


Friday 10/25/2019

Saturday 10/26/2019